It's time to get connected.  It's time to feel blessed.  It's time to make a wish.



11 - a number of renowned mystical significance.

11 is associated with divine strength, angels and the laws of the Universe that guide us to heed to our heart, soul and intuition.

11:11 is a symbol of your own personality, essence and identity.

11:11 is a hint from the Universe that you’re on the right path.

It is believed that wishes made at 11:11 instantly come true.

Every time you see “11:11” immerse in to the magic of the numbers. Take a deep breath, while enjoying a moment of your connection to the Universe, feel the gratitude for your own existence… and make your wish.



Every piece of the 11:11 collection has a unique L90 BioGeometry signature. This particular shape combines several BioGeometry-forming principles that creates a field of natural energy - balancing and healing qualities that enhance both physical and emotional protection.